Solo Dance
Susanna Harrington, alias Shrimati Susanna, is one of the few Westerners to have studied Bharata Natyam, a beautiful, 2000 year old classical style, from Southern India. She is unique in that she uses Bharata Natyam to express Christian, rather than Hindu themes. Through Bharata Natyam she shares her devotion, captivating her audiences with this spiritual and stunning dance form.
"Susanna Harrington was born to dance ... she revealed her ability to interpret the music with such ease, that the whole audience could understand her every move." Gilda Sebastian (GDS
Susanna trained under Shrimati Pathmini Gunaseelan of Narthana Kalalaya, London, a highly respected dance teacher and choreographer from Sri Lanka. In 1996 Susanna completed her Arangetram (dance graduation) in London, and in 1997 won a scholarship to travel to India and study at the Christu Dance Centre, Chennai.
She has performed for three Indian High Commissioners at Kensington Palace Gardens and India House, appeared on Zee TV, The God Channel and ITV.
 Group Dance
 Performers of South Indian Classical & Modern Bollywood Dance.
Naatya East is a group of Asian and Western girls who are keen to study and perform the traditional and film dances of India. All the dancers are trained to a high standard in South Indian classical dance and value the heritage of that culture.
Formed in 2002, Naatya East study under Shrimati Susanna Harrington.
Bharata Natyam is the most popular of the five classical styles and like many art forms of India it has a deeply spiritual base. Modern Bollywood film dance is a fusion of classical, folk, street dance and some pure Bollywood magic.
Naatya East are available for cultural performances in the Eastern region.
 Dance Classes
Weekly classes in Bharata Natyam
Saturday mornings: 10-11am Beginners, 11-12pm Intermediate
Venue: Halstead Church, Hedingham Road, Halstead, Essex CO9 2DA. Private classes available.
Multi-cultural workshops in schools for key stage 1, 2 and 3.
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